Precision & Quantum Measurement laboratory (PQM-lab)
Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics,Pune,India

Sundial to an atomic clock
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Colloquium at IUCAA, July 2, 2020

GW @ IUCAA, LIGO-India EPO, July 20, 2020

Webinar, July 24, 2020

धूपघड़ी से परमाणु घड़ी: सटीक समयके-पालन
और मौलिक विज्ञान के लिए, राजभाषा दिवस 2021.

Seminars on "Quantum Information Technologies with Ion-trap and Optical Lattice Devices (Theme III of QuEST)"
    08 October 2021   : "Quantum Technologies for New-physics Discoveries",
            Marianna Safronova, University of Delaware, USA.
    27 August 2021  : "Trapping Electrons in a Room-temperature Quadrupole Trap: Towards an All-electronic
            Microwave-enabled Trapped Electron Qubit System for QIP",

                               Hartmut Häffner, UC Berkeley, USA.
    06 August 2021  : “Quantum computation and simulation with trapped ions”,
                                    Kihwan Kim, Tsinghua University, China.
    09 July 2021    : "Controlling the atom-light interaction for quantum memory and quantum computing",
                                 Lindsay LeBlanc, University of Alberta, Canada.
    04 June 2021   : "Continuous-wave BECs and superradiant clocks",
                                 Floarian Schreck, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands.


Eureka with Subhadeep De, RSTV

The Workings Of Clocks, SynTalk