Precision & Quantum Measurement laboratory (PQM-lab)
Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics,Pune,India

Selected publications

  1. "Loop Stabilized Improved Transfer Cavity-Based Laser Frequency Stabilization" A. Roy, L. Sharma, S. Panja and S. De, IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics 58, 1 (2022).
  2. “A novel technique for real-time estimation and compensation of phase-drift of RF signals transmitting through coaxial cables”, H. K. Rathore, A. Roy, Neelam, S. Utreja, Lakhi Sharma, S. De and S. Panja, IEEE Microwave and Wireless Components Lett. 31, 1319 (2021).
  3. “Precise time synchronization and clock comparison through a White Rabbit network-based optical fiber link”, Neelam, M. P. Olaniya, H. Rathore, L. Sharma, A. Roy, S. De, and S. Panja, Radio Science 56, e2020RS007232 (2021).
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  5. “Studies on Temperature Sensitivity of a White Rabbit Network based Time Transfer link”, Neelam, H. Rathore, L. Sharma, A. Roy, M. P. Olaniya, S. De and S. Panja, MAPAN-J. Metrol. Soc. India, DOI: 10.1007/s12647-021-00461-1 (2021).
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PhD thesis

  1. "Laser cooling and trapping of barium ", Subhadeep De, University of Groningen, Netherlands (2008)
  2. "Computations, Design and Instrumentation for Precision Ion Trap Experiment”, Neha Batra, CSIR-NPL, India (2018)
  3. "Developing experimental setup for trapped ion based optical atomic clock”, Atish Roy, CSIR-NPL, India (2019)
  4. "Ion production and optical set-up for single Ytterbium ion trap experiment", Lakhi Sharma, CSIR-NPL, India (2021)

M. Tech thesis

  1. “Field Programmable Gate Array Based Laser Frequency Stabilization: A Low Cost and Portable System” – Anindya Rastogi, CSIR-NPL (2014).
  2. “Computer Controlled DC Power Supply: Digital Voltage Stabilizer” – Ekta Malik, IP University (2014).
  3. “Interfacing Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) based Locking Electronics with Optical Experiment” – Anjali Yadav, Amity University (2014).
  4. “Implementation Of Certain Quantum Gate Operations Using Ultra Cold Atoms In Optical Lattices And Super Lattices” – Poonam Pathak and Deepa Bhatt, IIT Delhi (2015). Jointly supervised with Dr. Sankalpa Ghosh at IIT Delhi.