Precision & Quantum Measurement laboratory (PQM-lab)
Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics,Pune,India

Prof. Subhadeep De Prof. Subhadeep De
Associate Professor (Scientist F)
Principal Investigator of PQM-lab

Visiting faculty,
Centre for Quantum Engineering Research and Education
TCG Crest, Kolkata, India.

Email: subhadeep[at]iucaa[dot]in

Ph: +91-20-2560 4217 (O)

Curriculum vitae
Prof. De is an experimentalist with expertise in laser cooling and trapping of atoms & ions, degenerate quantum gasses, quantum optics and time & frequency metrology. He obtained PhD in Laser Cooling and Trapping of Barium from University of Groningen, Netherlands followed by research associate at the Joint Quantum Institute, Maryland, USA. After this he was scientist at the National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi, India before joining IUCAA in 2019.

Scientific Officer

Mr. Sankar Majhi Mr. Sankar Majhi
Email: sankar[at]iucaa[dot]in
Sankar Majhi has joined IUCAA in November 2020 as a Scientific & Technical Officer-C. He is working to develop low noise FPGA based electronics.

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Dr. Stanley Johnson Dr. Stanley Johnson
Email: stanley[at]iucaa[dot]in
Dr. Stanley Johnson has joined IUCAA as a research associate since December 2020, which is funded by the QuEST program of DST. Here, he is working on developing ultra-stable narrow-linewidth lasers and dissemination of that through phase stabilized optical fibre. His research interests are in optical interferometry, spatial division multiplexing in fibre-optic telecommunication and high-speed digital signal processing for optics applications.
Dr. Sujaya Dasgupta Dr. Sujaya Das Gupta
Dr. Sujaya Das Gupta has joined IUCAA as a research associate since March 2022, which is funded by the QuEST program of DST. She is developing several low-noise electronic subsystems for driving the experiment.

Research Fellows

Mr. Sankalpa Banerjee Mr. Sankalpa Banerjee
Email: sankalpa[at]iucaa[dot]in
Sankalpa Banerjee joined IUCAA as a Junior Research Fellow in January 2021, which is funded by the QuEST program of DST. Here he is working on simulation, designing and fabrication of an ultra-stable Fabry–Pérot cavity. His areas of interest are, optoelectronics sensors, nonlinear optics, electronics design.
Ms. Isita Chatterjee Ms. Isita Chatterjee
Ishita Chatterjee has joined IUCAA as a Junior Research Fellow in October 2021, which is funded by the DAE-BRNS. She is working to develop high-resolution optics for imaging single trapped ion and optical sub-systems for photo-ionization and laser cooling of the ytterbium-ion.


Prf_De Dr. Kanaka Raju Pandiri
Dr. Kanaka Raju Pandiri was a LIGO-India postdoctoral fellow at IUCAA.
Dr. Ashif Reza Dr. Ashif Reza
Dr. Ashif Reza was a Research Associate at PQM-Lab.
Mr. Soumyaranjan Jhankar Mr. Soumyaranjan Jhankar
Soumyaranjan Jhankar was a Junior Research Fellow at PQM-Lab.